November/December 2007 Print Edition - Inside GNSS - Global Navigation Satellite Systems Engineering, Policy, and Design

November/December 2007 Print Edition

Volume 2, Number 8

Volume 2, Number 8

30 – GNSS & Space Weather: Making the Least Out of Solar Max
Joseph Kunches

18 – Human Engineering
Elizabeth Cannon – Geomatics Innovator
Melody Ward Leslie

38 – Measuring Up: Certification Processes and Testing of A-GPS Equipped Cellular Phones
Andy Proctor, SGS Wireless Europe, and Richard Catmur, Spirent Communications PLC

22 – GNSS Solutions
Galileo Open Service and Weak Signal Acquisition
Gerard Lachapelle and Mark Petovello with Daniele Borio, Letizia Lo Presti and Cillian O’Driscoll

46 – Working Papers
Active GNSS Networks and Combined GPS+Galileo Positioning
Eva and Torben Schüler

12 – Thinking Aloud Editorial
GNSS Believer
Glen Gibbons

14 – 360 Degrees News from the World of GNSS
Congress Pares GPS III Funds, Slams AF Space
GNSS Takes an Easter (Island) Break
Russia Launches GLONASS Trio
GNSS Hotspots

56 – Industry View Product launches, contracts, company progress, and more.
59 – GNSS Inside New Products
59 – Advertisers’ Index
60 – GNSS Timeline Calendar of Events

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