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NovAtel’s SMART2 Antenna Offers Scalable Positioning Solutions for Agricultural Applications

Entry-Level Antenna Provides Robust Position Accuracy and Reliability

NovAtel unveiled the new SMART2™ family of antennas today, adding robust entry-level options to their SMART Antenna portfolio that meets the needs of users requiring scalable accuracy in a single compact enclosure.

With dual-frequency, multi-constellation signal tracking, the SMART2 is designed to deliver optimized position reliability and accuracy for the precision agriculture market.

Access to TerraStar™ Correction Services is also offered with the SMART2, providing users with improved accuracy and pass-to-pass performance. By building upon NovAtel’s industry-proven performance and features found in previous SMART antenna offerings, the SMART2 delivers flexible positioning solutions that grow with users’ needs.

“The SMART2 offers precision agriculture customers scalable accuracy to support applications from spraying through to planting in a single compact and affordable platform that is compatible with our previous generation SMART6™ and Ag-Star™ antennas,” said Gordon Ryley, Agriculture Portfolio Manager at NovAtel.

The SMART2 also offers an optional terrain compensation feature that helps users working on uneven ground or slopes increase their efficiency by correcting deviations caused by a vehicle’s roll and pitch. The addition of optional Bluetooth connectivity simplifies the development of guidance and mapping applications by streamlining integration with tablets and other mobile devices.