NovAtel’s Firmware Version 7.05.04 Release Delivers NavIC L5 Signals

NovAtel Inc. has announced the 7.05.04 firmware release for its OEM7 series family of receivers, and with this release NavIC L5 signals are now available on NovAtel OEM7 receivers.

The following key benefits are now available in the 7.05.04 release:

  • Users can achieve a single point position accuracy of 2.5m (RMS) using NavIC L5 signals (from the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System) with GPS L1 on the newly available JSN model
  • Access to the L5 frequencies on the OEM7600 and OEM7720 provides triple frequency capabilities to unlock the potential of GPS L5, Galileo E5a and AltBOC, BeiDou B2a and NavIC L5

A full listing of all changes in this release are included in the “What’s New” document included in the firmware download package, NovAtel states.

To download the latest firmware for your specific platform, please visit:

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NovAtel’s OEM7 family of precise positioning receivers now offer NavIC L5 (The Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System) and GPS L1 (with optional GPS L1/L2/L5) configuration, allowing users to take full advantage of the interoperability between the NavIC and GPS systems.