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NovAtel Unveils RTK From the Sky Corrections for Precision Agriculture

NovAtel, part of Hexagon’s Positioning Intelligence division, introduced a new addition to its corrections portfolio today. The new service, TerraStar-X, is available for use in precision agricultural applications across the Midwestern United States.

TerraStar-X delivers RTK From the Sky performance by providing convergence in under one minute with 2 cm RMS accuracy and 99.9% uptime while reducing equipment needs and increasing productivity for end-users, according to today’s announcement by the company.

“TerraStar-X revolutionizes the precision agriculture industry for growers by delivering rapid, accurate, affordable and reliable positioning–even in challenging conditions,” said Sara Masterson, Positioning Services Portfolio Manager with NovAtel. “By bringing TerraStar-X technology to the agriculture industry, our portfolio, including TerraStar-L™ and TerraStar-C PRO™, now offers correction services for the complete range of precision agriculture applications.”

By combining global and regional correction technology with L-band delivery of data for precision agriculture applications, TerraStar-X provides users the precision and speed of traditional RTK networks without the need for base stations, saving growers time and money. The effectiveness of their cutting-edge RTK From the Sky technology has already been demonstrated across the United States, and when combined with NovAtel’s SMART7™ antenna, TerraStar-X reportedly delivers industry-leading speed, accuracy and reliability.

TerraStar-X is also available in the Midwestern region for use in other applications including construction, survey and ground truth systems, and subscriptions are available immediately. Learn more at

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NovAtel® is part of Hexagon’s Positioning Intelligence division, which also includes VERIPOS and AutonomouStuff.