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LiDARUSA Works With Allegiant Partners for U.S. Leasing

LiDARUSA has announced they now offer leasing options to qualifying U.S. buyers with Allegiant Partners, Inc.

Allegiant Partners, now doing business as AP Equipment Financing, was founded in 1998 to serve small businesses by lessening the burden of obtaining equipment financing which is typically difficult with more conventional lenders. Having funded nearly 18,000 clients, AP Equipment Financing has the necessary industry experience to provide the financing needed for new equipment, so work can begin.

With AP’s help, customers can begin UAV LiDAR mapping for as little as $2,300 a month, according to LiDARUSA. Options are available for the full range of equipment. The lease option is designed to alleviate the anxiety and burden of a large initial outlay of cash.

Perhaps the most daunting issue regarding LiDAR systems is the initial investment. Combining a cost-effective lease program with an affordable and effective system allows a larger field of surveyors, mappers, engineers, pilots, etc. the opportunity to engage in LiDAR mapping services.

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LiDARUSA, also known as Fagerman Technologies, is a family owned business just outside of Huntsville, AL. LiDARUSA specializes in laser scanning, photogrammetry, instrumentation and all things geomatics. Years of experience working on best-in-class products have developed our sense of quality and leadership necessary to build only the best systems.