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ION Announces Annual Award Winners at ITM/PTTI

The Institute of Navigation (ION) presented its Annual Awards during the ION International Technical Meeting (ITM) and Precise Time and Time Interval Systems and Applications (PTTI) meeting in Reston, Virginia, January 29 to February 1, 2018. The ION Annual Awards Program is sponsored by ION to recognize individuals making significant contributions or demonstrating outstanding performance relating to the art and science of navigation.

Dr. Zheng Yao received the Early Achievement Award for his pioneering contributions in developing new GNSS signals and multiplexing techniques; and advancing the Chinese BeiDou Navigation Satellite Systems (BDS) signal design. The Early Achievement Award is presented in recognition of outstanding contributions made early in one’s career. Dr. Yao, who established the general theoretical framework of constant envelope multiplexing design methodology, is the lead author of “Spectral Transparent Adhesive, A Solution to the Next Generation Satellite Navigation Signals,” published in the January/February 2018 issue of Inside GNSS.

Captain Gregory DuBose received the Superior Achievement Award for sustained performance in combat operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria; and assistance in the recovery of a downed B-1 crew in Montana. The Superior Achievement Award is presented to an individual demonstrating outstanding accomplishments as a practicing navigator.

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William Bollwerk received the Distinguished PTTI Service Award for service to the Department of Defense and country in promoting the importance of time, and for educating policymakers and mission operators to ensure understanding of time in critical operations. The Distinguished PTTI Service Award is presented to recognize outstanding contributions related to the management of PTTI systems.

Dr. Luke B. Winternitz, Dr. William A. Bamford, Samuel R. Price, Dr. J. Russell Carpenter, Anne C. Long and Mitra Farahmand received the Dr. Samuel M. Burka Award for their paper “Global Positioning System Navigation above 76,000 KM for NASA’s Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission” published in the Summer 2017 issue of NAVIGATION, Journal of The Institute of Navigation, Vol. 64, No. 2, pp. 289-300. The Dr. Samuel M. Burka Award recognizes outstanding achievement in the preparation of a paper contributing to the advancement of the art and science of positioning, navigation and timing.

Professor Allison Kealy received the Captain P. V. H. Weems Award for sustained contributions to advancing the art and science of navigation and promoting and expanding the use of PNT among worldwide science and engineering communities. The Captain P. V. H. Weems Award is presented to individuals for continuing contributions to the art and science of navigation.

David A. Turner received the Norman P. Hays Award for his role in the formation of the International Committee on GNSS (ICG) and the development of globally recognized principles of GNSS compatibility, interoperability and transparency. The Norman P. Hays Award is given in recognition of outstanding encouragement, inspiration and support contributing to the advancement of navigation.

Dr. Yang Gao received the Thomas L. Thurlow Award for significant contributions and leadership in the development and application of Precise Point Positioning (PPP) and high-precision GNSS technology. The Thomas L. Thurlow Award recognizes outstanding contributions to the science of navigation.

ION 2018 Fellow Memberships
ION also announced the recipients of the 2018 Fellow memberships during the ITM/PTTI last week.
Election to Fellow membership recognizes the distinguished contributions of The Institute of Navigation members to the advancement of the technology, management, practice and teaching the arts and science of navigation; and/or lifetime contributions to the Institute.
Professor James Garrison has been elected for his contributions in developing and applying GNSS reflectometry methods for space-based and airborne remote sensing of oceanography, agriculture and hydrology; and expanding these methods to signals-of-opportunity.

Professor David Last has been elected for distinguished and sustained technical and strategic contributions, leadership, and guidance to fellow practitioners in terrestrial and space-based positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) solutions.

Dr. Yuanxi Yang has been elected for his leadership and technical contributions to the development of the Chinese BeiDou Navigation Satellite System and his effort in promoting international collaboration in satellite navigation.

2018 Joint Navigation Conference
The deadline for submitting abstracts for the ION Joint Navigation Conference (JNC 2018) is Thursday, February 15, 2018.

Submit your abstract today for the Institute of Navigation (ION) Joint Navigation Conference (JNC) 2018 to be held July 9-12 in Long Beach, California. For more information on ION JNC 2018, please visit