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Instant Vehicle Tracking Software Unveiled for Automakers and Integrators

Profound Positioning Inc., a provider of navigation and positioning software, announced its Instant Vehicle Tracking (IVT) solution, using GNSS and multi-sensor fusion to achieve decimeter-level accuracy in a cost-effective solution for safer, more efficient driving.

IVT integrates precise point positioning (PPP) GNSS, inertial, and radar systems in a customizable solution suited for integration with most navigation sensors, communication links, and databases, and available to automotive companies, integrators, and solution providers. Based on a firmware library, and rapidly adaptable to any navigation platform, IVT provides positioning accuracy plus orientation and velocity, performing in tunnels, dense urban environments, multi-level highway junctions, and even parkades. With errors <1% of distance travelled, resolution is extremely rapid. Base stations are not required and there are no operating range limitations.

Vehicle applications for Instant Vehicle Tracking include: driver assistance, mobility and taxi, autonomous vehicles, geofencing, fleet tracking, insurance, driving and safety management, and connected driving. “Our vision is to be the leading provider of affordable, continuous, reliable and accurate navigation solutions,” begins Dr. Naser El-Shiemy, CEO Profound Positioning Inc. “We are able to achieve navigation everywhere, with dollar-level sensors.”

Headquartered in Calgary and initially created as a University of Calgary spin-off, Profound Positioning Inc. is staffed by experts in global navigation satellite systems (GNSS), inertial navigation systems (INS), real-time kinematic (RTK), precise point positioning (PPP), and multi-sensor systems. Profound Positioning Inc. has filed six patents for navigation technology.