Honeywell Releases Versatile HGuide n580 Inertial/GNSS Navigator - Inside GNSS - Global Navigation Satellite Systems Engineering, Policy, and Design

Honeywell Releases Versatile HGuide n580 Inertial/GNSS Navigator

Honeywell’s HGuide n580 is a small, light-weight, self-contained, all-attitude Inertial/GNSS Navigator which can be used in a wide variety of platforms, applications and industries where continuous navigation information is a critical component.

The HGuide n580 contains Honeywell’s leading edge HG4930 IMU technology and provides a powerful dual-antenna, multi-frequency, multi-GNSS RTK capability. The company’s integration expertise blends the IMU and GNSS data to provide an accurate, robust navigation service to your application with all the functionalities that you need.

The IMU unit output data includes time stamped position, velocity, angular rate, linear acceleration, roll, pitch and heading information. In dual-antenna mode, the device supports GNSS-based heading measurements.

It is designed to transmit high accuracy navigation outputs and status information upon power-up and continues to do so even if exposed to harsh environments. The user has the option to configure many aspects of the system including measurement frames, lever arms, and output messages.

Engineering, Testing Services
In other Honeywell news, the company announced last week that for the first time, it is unleashing the power of its internal engineering and product testing services to a wide array of global commercial and military aerospace equipment manufacturers.

Honeywell Engineering Services and Honeywell Testing Services provide clients with engineering and test solutions at the same high standards of safety and reliability that Honeywell applies to its own products. By working with these new services groups, manufacturers and suppliers can improve their product development processes while controlling costs.

“With more than 22,000 engineers working on all aspects of Honeywell’s products, we’re now unleashing that expertise to help our customers build a competitive advantage,” said Carrie Kendrick, vice president, Aftermarket, Honeywell Aerospace. “And with test labs conveniently located around the world, we’re expanding our expertise to give customers a fast, cost-effective and more accessible way to ensure their products meet industry standards.”

Bringing products to market and completing their certifications is traditionally a lengthy, complex and expensive process, especially when working directly with a national aviation authority. Honeywell’s extensive experience working with authorities like the Federal Aviation Administration and the European Aviation Safety Agency, combined with its long history of meeting performance standards and offering technical talent, sets the company up to support a streamlined certification process – from engineering to testing.

Honeywell Engineering Services provides end-to-end services in the mechanical, propulsion and avionics areas to aerospace and defense industry original equipment manufacturers and suppliers. Honeywell’s engineering pedigree has helped its services teams develop processes, integrated workflows and delivery methodologies that enable watertight project management for predicted outcomes and better cost management.

Supporting the group is Honeywell’s Technology Center of Excellence in India, which has more than 24 years of aerospace engineering experience, more than 3,000 engineering professionals, and state-of the-art aerospace labs in Bangalore, Madurai and Hyderabad that are certified on the industry’s top engineering standards. These labs house advanced facilities including additive manufacturing and flight simulation.

Honeywell’s test capabilities will benefit original equipment manufacturers, as well as a variety of suppliers in the aerospace sector. Services include full environmental testing, electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic compatibility tests, and specialized testing for bearings materials, systems integration, fuel systems, radiation effects, and more. In addition to Honeywell’s technical talent to perform testing, it offers favorable rates in low-cost regions and added engineering services in writing reports, troubleshooting, and validating tests.

Honeywell has more than 100 specially trained test engineers and technicians who bring more than 1,000 combined years of experience at 24 locations across the United States, China, India, England and the Czech Republic. This lets customers access superior materials, environmental, mechanical and electrical testing capabilities while limiting shipping and travel costs.