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GPS Interface Control Working Group To Meet in September

The GPS Directorate will update the public on revisions to public GPS documents at the 2019 Public Interface Control Working Group and Open Forum September 25 in El Segundo, California. The event is an opportunity for the public to submit issues and comments for analysis and possible integration into future GPS document revisions.

The documents that will be discussed are:

IS-GPS-200: Navigation User Interfaces

IS-GPS-705: User Segment L5 Interfaces

IS-GPS-800: User Segment L1C Interface

ICD-GPS-870: NAVSTAR GPS Control Segment to User Support Community Interface

This meeting takes place the week after the annual Civil GPS Service Interface Committee (CGSIC) being held Sept. 16-17,2019,in Miami, Florida, in conjunction with the Institute of Navigation’s GNSS+ conference.

Comments on the documents are due ahead of time and those comments will be collected, catalogued, and discussed as potential inclusions to the version following the current release. The form for comments along with proposed revisions of the documents and the official meeting notice are posted at:​technical/​icwg/​meetings/​2019/​09/​.

Please submit comments to the SMC/GPS Requirements (SMC/GPER) mailbox at by September 6, 2019. Special topics may also be considered for the Public Open Forum. If you wish to present a special topic, please submit any materials to SMC/GPER no later than August 21, 2019.

Participants can call in using meeting Dial-in Number: 310-653-2663  Meeting ID: 20190925  Password: 123456

Those who would like to attend in person are asked to register in advance. Attendees should send their name, organization, telephone number, email address, and country of citizenship to no later than September 18.

For more information please contact: Lieutenant Benjamin Ratner at 310-653-2236 or Mr. Daniel Godwin at 310-653-3640.