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GNSS-Inertial Package for Delivery Robots and Drones

Parker LORD Microstrain Sensing debuted its new all-in-one navigation system this month, which includes onboard RTK and built-in dual antenna GNSS receivers.

The advanced inertial navigation system includes: the 3DMGQ7-GNSS/INS, which can achieve centimeter-level position accuracy when paired with the company’s 3DMRTK modem and SensorCloud RTK corrections service. It features dual multiband GNSS receivers, low-noise and low-drift MEMS inertial sensors  and a robust adaptive Kalman filter.

The 3DMRTK provides the simplicity of a cellular connection to Parker LORD’s SensorCloud RTK base station network, replacing traditional radio-based stations. With RTK corrections the 3DMGQ7 can achieve centimeter-level positional accuracy. By removing the need for base station infrastructure, the 3DMRTK minimizes an integrator’s required time to market. The SensorCloud RTK provides seamless cloud-based network RTK corrections without the need for customer-supplied base stations and includes a cellular data plan with network RTK coverage.

The inertial navigation system is intended for autonomous vehicle (AV) operation, wheeled and legged robotics, simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM), and beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) navigation.

During the design phase, the company targeted a solution that would offer ease of use and eliminate the customer’s need to outsource components and programming. The integration of the MSCL (MicroStrain Communication Library), robotic operating system (ROS), and several Open-Source API’s, allows for the application of available and compatible software. The package can also reduce the user’s costly programing time.

The system is Lord-MicroStrain’s first product launch since Parker Hannifin acquired the company in October 2019.

The company reports that its inertial package delivers the following accuracies:

RTK corrected to 2 cm
Single point, horizontal @ 1.25 m
Single point, vertical @ 2 m

Roll, Pitch @ .05°
Heading @ .25°

Velocity @ 0.05 m/s

Low Profile
76 mm x 68.6 mm x 13.3 mm and lightweight at 78 grams.