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DTC and Inertial Labs Release Integrated Navigation Solution for Uncrewed Systems

Domo Tactical Communications (DTC) and Inertial Labs, Inc. have announced a partnership to create an integrated navigation solution for uncrewed systems.

This collaboration aims to merge DTC’s advanced wireless IP mesh technology with Inertial Labs’ expertise in GNSS-independent navigation solutions, offering a robust system for navigation, command and control (C2), and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) in GNSS-denied scenarios.

The new system integrates DTC’s MANET Mesh with the MeshUltraTM waveforms and Inertial Labs’ inertial navigation systems (INS), equipping uncrewed vehicles with the capability to operate effectively in hostile RF and GNSS-contested environments. These include scenarios where space-based positioning is unreliable due to jamming, spoofing, or obstructions that limit sky visibility. The INS component of the solution ensures accurate position, navigation, and timing (APNT), along with alternative navigation (ALTNAV) directly to the uncrewed vehicle, guaranteeing operational integrity even in the absence of GNSS signals.

Jamie Marraccini, President and CEO of Inertial Labs, highlighted the complementary nature of combining Inertial Labs’ inertial navigation capabilities with DTC’s MANET radio technology and mesh-based ranging. This collaboration is poised to provide a set of solutions specifically designed to meet the demands of operating in GNSS-denied environments, offering customers an enhanced level of reliability and performance for their uncrewed systems.

Rob Garth, Business Unit Director for Unmanned Systems at DTC, emphasized the importance of ensuring continuous connectivity and navigation capability under diverse environmental and situational challenges. This partnership, according to Garth, represents an advancement in delivering a unified communications and positioning solution that streamlines the deployment process for customers while enhancing their operational capabilities beyond the line of sight.