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April 9, 2017

GNSS Hotspots | April 2017

One of 12 magnetograms recorded at Greenwich Observatory during the Great Geomagnetic Storm of 1859
1996 soccer game in the Midwest, (Rick Dikeman image)
Nouméa ground station after the flood
A pencil and a coffee cup show the size of NASA’s teeny tiny PhoneSat
Bonus Hotspot: Naro Tartaruga AUV
Pacific lamprey spawning (photo by Jeremy Monroe, Fresh Waters Illustrated)
“Return of the Bucentaurn to the Molo on Ascension Day”, by (Giovanni Antonio Canal) Canaletto
The U.S. Naval Observatory Alternate Master Clock at 2nd Space Operations Squadron, Schriever AFB in Colorado. This photo was taken in January, 2006 during the addition of a leap second. The USNO master clocks control GPS timing. They are accurate to within one second every 20 million years (Satellites are so picky! Humans, on the other hand, just want to know if we’re too late for lunch) USAF photo by A1C Jason Ridder.
Detail of Compass/ BeiDou2 system diagram
Hotspot 6: Beluga A300 600ST

Antarctic Peninsula

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January 23, 2017

Positioning Technology in Australia Gets a $12 Million Boost

SBAS illustration with the GNSS satellites (upper left) and the communications satellite (upper right).

With the Australian government’s announcement earlier this month that it would invest $12 million in a two-year program looking into the future of positioning technology in Australia, comes plans for testing of satellite based augmentation systems (SBAS) to be undertaken, and for future applications for all four major modes of transport in Australia, as well as for potential safety, productivity, efficiency and environmental benefits.

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December 1, 2016

Lockheed Martin Advances GPS Ground Control System for U.S. Air Force

The Air Force’s Global Positioning Systems Directorate contracted the CUP2 upgrade.

Lockheed Martin has announced a major upgrade to modernize the GPS ground control system, the company said. The commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) upgrade no. 2 (CUP2) project, which became operational in mid-October to manage the 31 GPS satellites, is the latest step in the U.S. Air Force’s plan to refresh technology and transform the legacy operational control segment, also known as the Architecture Evolution Plan (AEP), the company said.

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June 15, 2016

Trimble Dimensions 2016

The 2016 Trimble Dimensions user conference and exhibition will take place at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas on November 7, 8 and 9.

The annual event gathers users of Trimble’s products including positioning technology for unmanned systems as well as mapping, GIS, surveying, photgrammetry and remote sensing and other technologies of interest to readers of Inside GNSS.

Four hundred and fifty technical sessions and networking events give attendees an opportunity to network widely within and among industry groups.

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December 12, 2013

Sixth Conference on European Union Space Policy

The 6th Conference on European Union Space Policy will take place at the European Commission’s Charlemagne Building, in Brussels, Belgium on January 28 and 29, 2014.

Registration is now open. Online registration closes January 22, 2014.

The theme is "What Direction for Europe in Space Between Now and 2020?." The conference is sponsored by the presidents of the European Commission, the European Council and the European Parliament.

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By Inside GNSS
September 21, 2012

NextGen Equipage Fund Takes Off While FAA Works to Cut Program Delays, Cost Overruns

Future of air traffic control (FAA image)

A public-private partnership created to reduce the financial burden involved in implementing the nation’s GPS-based, next-generation (NextGen) air transportation system has raised its first rounds of financing and is now negotiating contracts with its charter customers.

“We have  . . . closed our first tranche of equity,” said Jim Hughey, senior vice-president of the NextGen Equipage Fund. The fund has secured a total of $100 million in commitments with some $40 million of that coming from leading aerospace companies.

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By Dee Ann Divis
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July 11, 2011

China Satellite Conference 2011

Hotel Nikko New Century in Haidian, Beijing

This officially sanctioned conference and equipment exhibtion addresses applications, technologies and trends for China’s satellite communications, broadcasting, remote sensing, navigation and positioning.It will be held at Hotel Nikko New Century in Beijing on October 26.28, 2011.

Subjects of most interest to Inside GNSS readers include:

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Berlin GNSS Symposium 2011

Rathaus Wilmersdorf

The International Symposium on Global Navigation Satellite Systems, Space-based and Ground-based Augmentation Systems and Aplications will take place at the Wilmersdorf in Berlin on October 10 and 11. The event will be held in English.

This year, the focus is on EUPOS, a ground-based European GNSS augmentation system, and on the regional geodetic reference frames and systems, ground-based GNSS infrastructures and technical developments in the field of DGNSS.

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By Inside GNSS
May 13, 2011

APEC-GIT/15: Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation-GNSS Implementation Team Meeting

Brisbane City Botanic Gardens facing Alice Street

(See Glen Gibbons’ report from APEC/GIT-14 in Seattle, June 2010)

The fifteenth meeting of APEC’s GNSS Implementation Team will be held June 13-16 at Sofitel Brisbane Central, All Saints Convention Center in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Online pre-registration is required and is limited to 50 delegates. Please contact either of the co-chairs if your password is not accepted on the GIT webpage registration screen.

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September 15, 2010

ITN 2010: Infrastructure, Telematics and Navigation

Lingotto Fiere, Turin/Torino, Italy

The second European conference and exhibition on smart infrastructures, infomobility, telematics and Galileo and other GNSSes will take place at Lingotto Fiere in Turin, Italy on November 11-12, 2010.

Presenter abstracts are due by October 7, 2010.

These subjects will be covered in the conference and/or the exhibit area:

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June 23, 2010

Russian Company Offers ‘Preliminary’ Specifications for GLONASS CDMA Signal

Illustration of GLONASS-K satellite

A provisional specification for the planned GLONASS CDMA signal has been defined and is available to receiver manufacturers interested in experimenting with the demonstration signal that will be broadcast from the GLONASS-K satellite to be flight-tested later this year.

Mark Shmulevich, head of business development for Russian Space Systems (RSS), extended the offer at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation GNSS Implementation Team (APEC-GIT) meeting in Seattle, Washington, this week. RSS is an amalgamation of 10 former Russian federal state unitary enterprises — that is, government corporations — and other Russian institutes and agencies established last year, with the former Russian Institute of Space Device Engineering (RISDE) serving as the lead.

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