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Attila Matas

Attila Matas is the former head of the Space Publications and Registration Division in the ITU Radiocommunication Bureau – Space Services department.

He was responsible for the processing and publication of GSO and non-GSO space systems and Earth stations submitted by administrations for inclusion in the formal coordination procedures or recording in the Space Master International Frequency Register.

Matas represented the ITU at the UN COPUOS and ICG and he has participated at all World Radiocommunication Conferences (WRC) since 1992. On several WRCs he served as a secretary on the agenda items related to frequency allocations and regulation of RNSS. As of WRC-03 he was a secretary of the RES-609 RNSS Consultation meeting in the band 1164-1215 MHz responsible for the coordination of new satellite navigation systems.

Matas holds a degree in radio engineering from the Czech Technical University of Prague.