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Simple RTK Single-board Computer Facilitates Network Development

u‑blox and ArduSimple announced a partnership developing the SimpleRTK2B single-board computer (SBC). The device, built around up to three u‑blox ZED-F9P high-precision GNSS receivers, simplifies the development of centimeter-level positioning solutions supporting real-time kinematics (RTK), according to the companies.

The [high-precision positioning] technology’s adoption continues to be held back by one key factor: its increased complexity compared to standard-precision positioning,” said Marc Castillo, Senior GNSS Consultant at ArduSimple.

The SimpleRTK2B-SBC was developed to make RTK technology as close to “plug-and-play” as possible. In addition to working as a stand-alone solution, customers can program their own applications with the company’s user-friendly microPython API.

“The SimpleRTK2B-SBC uniquely delivers easy mechanical integration with centimeter position on three axes (heading, pitch, and roll), outputting on NMEA, RTCM, RS232, and CANBus interfaces, via Ethernet, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 2G/3G/4G communication, and offers configurable I/O, and an IMU. If your application uses any of these features and you want to reduce development time from two years to a few months, the SBC is your product,” said Castillo.

ArduSimple can help service providers, municipal authorities, and national agencies  “develop infrastructure such as networks of GNSS base stations that are required to expand service coverage and enable true mainstream adoption,” added Alex Candela, Area Sales Manager for France, at u‑blox.

The SimpleRTK2B-SBC is available online for purchase.

  • 184-channel u-blox ZED-F9P engine
  • Navigation rate up to 20Hz
  • Position accuracy down to 1 centimeter
  • Dual RS232, Ethernet, CANBUS, USB & up to 8 configurable I/O
  • Multiple radio link options
  • Configuration flexibility: standalone, standalone with NTRIP corrections, base-rover, base-multi rover, RTK moving base
  • Possibility to connect external sensors
  • Ready-made software or program your own with Microphyton
  • PCB dimensions 85x115mm
  • 4 mounting holes
  • Up to 4 integrated SMA for various RF options
  • Centimeter level precision
  • <1cm with a base station up to 35km
  • <1cm with NTRIP up to 35km
  • <4cm with SSR corrections
  • <1.5m in standalone mode
  • <0.9m standalone with SBAS coverage
  • Sub degree level attitude
  • <0.2deg RMS with 1m baseline
  • <0.02deg RMS with 5m baseline
  • Multi-band & Multi-constellation
  • Advanced configurations
  • • 2x ZED-F9P: for heading + roll/pitch
  • • 3x ZED-F9P: for full attitude calculation (roll, pitch, yaw)