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Weekend Read: Refresher on the DOT CPNT Action Plan

This week, Inside GNSS covered a new solicitation for proposals from the U.S. Department of Transportation for solutions in Complementary Positioning, Navigation and Timing (CPNT). This solicitation builds from the DOT’s CPNT Action Plan, issued in September 2023.

The Action Plan aims to enhance the adoption of Complementary Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (CPNT) services across the nation’s transportation systems and other critical infrastructure sectors. Read the full Action Plan.

The plan identifies GPS as the primary PNT service, acknowledging its vulnerabilities to disruptions due to the low signal strength of satellite broadcasts. To address these challenges, the DOT Volpe Center has undertaken demonstrations of candidate PNT technologies that could serve as complementary services in the event of GPS disruptions. These technologies range from low Earth orbit satellite PNT technologies to terrestrial radiofrequency PNT technologies across various spectrum bands.

The action plan outlines five broad efforts to drive CPNT adoption:

  1. Stakeholder Engagement: This involves the DOT leading discussions and roundtables with PNT stakeholders, including technology vendors and critical infrastructure operators, to understand their needs and challenges related to CPNT adoption.
  2. Specifications and Standards Development: The DOT aims to develop system requirements for PNT functions supporting safety-critical services and standards to ensure CPNT services meet necessary safety and resilience levels.
  3. Field Trial and Test Range Development: Establishing facilities and procedures for CPNT testing and evaluation, including vulnerability and performance test range development.
  4. Establish a Federal PNT Services Clearinghouse: Creating a federal marketplace for vetted and qualified CPNT service providers, akin to a General Services Administration schedule.
  5. Application Domain Acquisition Support for CPNT Service: Supporting the acquisition of CPNT services tailored to specific domains, such as maritime, rail, surface, and aviation.

The plan also emphasizes the federal government’s role in driving CPNT adoption through its purchasing power and leadership in establishing a resilient PNT environment. This approach seeks to fortify critical U.S. infrastructure against PNT disruptions, thereby enhancing overall safety and security.