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NextNav, Qualcomm Partner on Vertical Location; NextNav Merges, Lists on Nasdaq

NextNav and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. now collaborate to enable NextNav’s Pinnacle 911 z-axis software and network-based services for use with the Qualcomm Location Suite. This facilitates integration of vertical location into existing carrier infrastructure for emergency 911 purposes by device and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) vendors.

The agreement will encompass multiple mobile platforms not served by iOS and Android operating systems including feature phones based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), KaiOS, and other Linux-based devices such as wearables or 5G Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) hotspots that require voice capability – all of which must meet the FCC’s z-axis requirements for E911. As part of the collaboration, NextNav Pinnacle 911, a solution capable of meeting the FCC’s z-axis requirements for E911, is expected to be available on commercial devices starting in 2022.

Pinnacle 911 delivers floor-level altitude measurements that enable public safety answering points (PSAPs) to more accurately locate E911 callers in indoor, multi-story environments. In an independent evaluation by the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association (CTIA) commissioned by the FCC, Pinnacle 911 was able to deliver ±3m 94% of the time, consistently exceeding the 80% benchmark set by the FCC. NextNav’s Pinnacle service covers over 4,400 cities and towns, as well 90% of buildings greater than three stories in the United States, exceeding the FCC’s requirement for carriers to offer z-axis in the top 25 US markets by April 2022.

The collaboration builds on NextNav’s extensive partnerships within public safety. FirstNet, Built with AT&T recently selected NextNav Pinnacle to provide highly accurate altitude capabilities for first responders. Others, including Intrepid Networks, 3AM innovations, and TRX Systems have also integrated the solution into their applications and platforms to deliver high-precision vertical location capabilities to improve situational awareness for first responders across the nation.

Merger and Stock Listing

In June 2021, NextNav entered into a definitive merger agreement with Spartacus Acquisition Corporation in a transaction that led to NextNav being listed on the Nasdaq. The transaction closed on October 28 and common stock began trading on Nasdaq under the ticker symbol “NN” on October 29.

Transaction proceeds will accelerate NextNav’s growth strategy to enhance, extend and expand its next-generation 3D geolocation technology. Beyond its technology, NextNav also owns a global intellectual property portfolio of over 100 patents, and a one-of-a-kind portfolio of nationwide 900 MHz spectrum licenses covering 2.4 billion MHz-PoPs – a significant competitive advantage.