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Iridium Takes a Position in DDK, a GNSS Corrections Provider

Iridium Communications Inc. made a strategic investment in DDK Positioning (DDK), an Aberdeen, Scotland-based provider of enhanced GNSS accuracy solutions. DDK uses the Iridium network, provided by a low Earth orbit (LEO) constellation, to provide global precision positioning services that can augment GNSS accuracy for critical industrial applications. DDK services apply to GPS and Galileo. The company is also developing similar services for other GNSS constellations, such as GLONASS and BeiDou.

Through the Iridium satellite network, DDK Positioning delivers GPS accuracy of within 5 centimeters, according to the company. This advanced level of accuracy is suited for autonomous vehicles like UAVs, precision agriculture applications, offshore infrastructure projects such as windfarm construction, automotive applications like driverless cars, and construction, mining, surveying and IoT use cases.

Because of the numbers and the distribution of the Iridium constellation, DDK corrections are available in Arctic and Antarctic regions.