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Topcon Announces Strategic Investment in DDK Positioning

Topcon Positioning Systems announced it has made a strategic investment in DDK Positioning Ltd, an Aberdeen based specialist in GNSS receivers and PPP correction services.

DDK Positioning delivers services exclusively over the Iridium® network to provide global precision positioning services that can augment GNSS constellations to significantly enhance their accuracy for critical industrial applications. Terms of the investment are not being disclosed.

“For a number of years, Topcon has been a supplier of core GNSS components to DDK Positioning to deliver their MAX services. With the expansion and growing success of this business, specifically in the Marine sector, a closer cooperation will ensure optimal integration for the highest possible accuracies and performance in the most demanding applications,” according to Ian Stilgoe, VP of Emerging Business at Topcon.

Kevin Gaffney, CEO of DDK Positioning, stated, “This partnership provides an extraordinary opportunity for our two companies to work together in pursuit of our shared ambition — providing a robust, resilient and truly unique GNSS positioning service. We are extremely excited about partnering with Topcon and it’s a great fit for DDK Positioning, not only will it allow us to continue to develop best in class positioning services, we will also be able to continue to grow the company and expand our services globally.”