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Honeywell Now Offers 3 New Navigation Systems

Honeywell recently introduced three new navigation systems: the HGuide o360 inertial/global navigation system (INS/GNSS) navigator, the HGuide n500 inertial navigator and the HGuide g080 GNSS receiver.

The systems, part of the company’s HGuide product line, are designed for various industrial applications across air, land and sea vehicles and related equipment, according to a news release, where positioning and attitude information is required in real time. All deliver accurate navigation even in GPS denied environments.

The HGuide o360 navigation system is a compact single-card, all-attitude INS/GNSS navigator that can deliver an accurate, robust position and attitude navigation service to industrial and autonomous applications. It features a powerful dual antenna, a multi-frequency, multiconstellation, real-time kinematic (RTK) capable GNSS receiver, Honeywell’s i300 inertial measurement unit (IMU) technology and a high-grade calibrated magnetometer. The HGuide o360 is specifically designed for platforms that require high performance navigation data in an ultra-low size, weight and power (SWAP) package in GNSS-denied areas.

The HGuide n500 inertial navigator is a navigation-grade BYOG (Bring Your Own GNSS) all-attitude navigator that supports continuous position and attitude navigation even during regular prolonged GNSS outages. HGuide n500 is built on Honeywell’s HG4930 IMU and the Honeywell HGuide Sensor Fusion (HGSF) software.

The HGuide g080 GNSS receiver is a dual-antenna, triple-radio frequency, all-constellation GNSS receiver that delivers heading and positioning down to subcentimeter levels even in GNSS challenged environments. HGuide g080 includes an onboard IMU to allow tracking during short GNSS outages and enable smooth and fast reacquisition. It is available with or without RTK functionality.