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Hexagon and Dayou Announce the Availability of TerraStar-X Enterprise Test Beds in China

TerraStar-X Enterprise PPP corrections enable lane-level accuracy with convergence in under a minute.

Earlier this year, Hexagon’s Autonomy & Positioning division and Dayou announced their partnership for delivering GNSS correction services to the Chinese market. They are now excited to announce the availability of product development test beds in Beijing, Shanghai, Anqing and Shenzhen for OEMs in the automotive and micromobility industries.

Companies leverage these test beds with consumer and automotive-grade GNSS receivers to develop advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), smart products, safety-critical solutions, mobile applications and more.

Availability of GNSS test beds is a vital step towards full production of the TerraStar-X Enterprise Correction Service in China. By working with either Dayou or Hexagon, companies can deploy the same high-precision positioning solutions in China, North America and Europe while gaining access to local sales, support and technical resources.

“Availability of the TerraStar-X Enterprise test beds in China builds a seamless positioning experience by leveraging Dayou’s local infrastructure,” said Dr. Paul Verlaine Gakne, positioning services product manager at Hexagon’s Autonomy & Positioning division. The partnership between Dayou and Hexagon means that whether a Chinese company sells autonomous platforms overseas, or overseas companies sell their products in China, users will have a single, consistent and high-quality correction service that works in North America, Europe and China.

“Dayou has the necessary first-class innovative resources and expertise in navigation and positioning to integrate this PPP-RTK technology with any customer platform,” said Dr. Han Jianxin, president of Dayou. “We’re excited to see the results from the companies using this new technology to accelerate their autonomous driving programs both domestically and internationally.”

Hexagon and Dayou will offer access to test beds in North America, Europe and China while building towards compatible, full production TerraStar-X Enterprise services that enable integrated, lane-level positioning solutions in these regions for domestic and foreign automotive companies.

Similar test bed services are also available in North America and Europe. Learn more about TerraStar-X Enterprise corrections by visiting novatel.com/terrastar-x.