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GPR and Rheinmetall Provectus Announce Strategic Collaboration for Advanced Localization Technology

GPR Ground Positioning Radar, a producer of ground-penetrating radar technology for autonomous vehicle localization, has announced a strategic collaboration with Rheinmetall Provectus, a global provider of autonomous navigation solutions. This partnership aims to integrate GPR’s WaveSense localization system into Rheinmetall Provectus’ autonomous platforms, enhancing positioning and navigation capabilities in GNSS-denied environments.

Proven Performance and Integration

The collaboration follows a successful Proof of Concept (PoC) conducted in the rugged terrains of Ontario, Canada, during Q3 and Q4 of 2023. The PoC demonstrated the superior performance of WaveSense technology in GNSS-denied environments, showcasing its potential to revolutionize autonomous navigation in challenging conditions.

“Accurate localization is a critical enabler for safe and efficient autonomous operations, especially in challenging environments,” said Paul Rocco, President of Rheinmetall Provectus. “GPR’s WaveSense technology represents a game-changing solution for our customers in industries like defense where GNSS-denied operations are common.”

Strategic Investment and Deployment

Both companies have invested significant resources to develop a robust integration of the WaveSense system, ensuring it is ready for deployment. Under the agreement, Rheinmetall Provectus will incorporate WaveSense into its autonomous platforms, enabling new capabilities such as Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) and GNSS-denied leader-follower operations.

“We are thrilled to partner with Rheinmetall Provectus, a respected leader in the autonomous vehicle space,” said Moran David, CEO of GPR. “This collaboration validates the immense potential of our WaveSense technology and its ability to unlock new levels of autonomy and safety for mission-critical operations.”

The partnership will initially focus on meeting the unique requirements of Rheinmetall Provectus’ key customers while exploring additional market opportunities. This collaboration is expected to drive continued innovation and market expansion as GPR and Rheinmetall Provectus combine their expertise to unlock new frontiers in autonomous navigation.