Harxon’s Smart Antenna TS300 Rover Designed for Precision Agriculture

Harxon’s Smart Antenna TS300 Rover Designed for Precision Agriculture
Harxon's Smart Antenna TS300 Rover, perfectly placed on this farm vehicle, can be applied into precision agriculture for high-precision RTK positioning.

Harxon Corporation’s TS300 series is a multi-GNSS compatible system using GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, and Galileo for simultaneous satellite tracking to offer RTK positioning. It is designed to track any visible satellites under challenging conditions, ensuring a stable signal quality with higher precision and reliable data.

The company’s latest single-frequency, multi-GNSS RTK enabled smart antennas are ideal for manual guidance and auto-steer agriculture applications that benefit from scalable performance in positioning accuracy.

TS300 Series features the patented T-DIFF technology, providing a smooth positioning and exceptional pass-to-pass accuracy. Its steady, smooth output is well suited for auto steer applications and help the machines operate in the steady path.

Powered by the latest stand-alone algorithmic technology, TS300 Series can maintain the RTK positioning accuracy for a certain period when the RTK difference link is disconnected during machine operation, according to the company.

Moreover, TS300 Series can output the real-time tilt information for machines during operating on rugged farmland, which is convenient for users to improve positioning accuracy through tilt compensation algorithms.

The data links such as 3G/4G modules, external/internal radio transmission modems and Bluetooth of TS300 Series are designed as multiple selections as required, allowing customers a flexible and convenient operation conditions in different environments.

Purpose-built for challenging environments, TS300 Series supports built-in magnets to simplify mounting; fixed mounting options are also available as 5/8-inch screws and M4 screws, offering a convenient and quick installation.

Its IP67 ruggedized enclosure works reliably in harsh environments and is designed for professional precision agriculture applications requiring high-precision RTK positioning.

Earlier, Harxon released the all-constellation GNSS antenna GPS1000.

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