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GNSS Enabled GPS Trackers for Motorcycles Offered by Rewire Security

Rewire Security recently announced its GNSS enabled real-time GPS Tracker solutions for motorcycles. DB1-Lite from Rewire Security offers worldwide coverage, geo-fence zones, GNSS-enabled worldwide improved location accuracy and comes with a compact and durable design. It’s designed to be an optimal GPS tracking solution for motorcycles and cars.

DB1-Lite features the latest GNSS positioning system that combines GPS, GLONASS, A-GPS (assisted GPS) and Galileo satellite systems to deliver up to 1-2 meters accuracy anywhere in the World, according to the company. Rewire Security offers the United Kingdom or global coverage SIM cards to make sure your tracker stays online without any extra roaming charges. Users can monitor unauthorized movements of their motorcycle at any time with the help of DB1-Lite, which lets you monitor your valuable assets using your smartphone.

The GPSLive website and mobile app allow users to locate their assets using a web-browser on any internet-enabled device. GPSLive offers a comprehensive reporting system for delivering a wide choice of reports whenever needed. You can view information such as the location of your vehicle, speed, routes taken and events like speeding, ignition on/off, as well as more in-depth information such as the number of satellites connected and altitude of the tracker for each position report. DB1-Lite comes pre-configured to work on the GPSLive real-time tracking platform.

DB1-Lite is a discrete GPS Tracking device and it has been manufactured in Europe. It’s suitable for installing in all vehicles where a live GPS tracking solution is required. DB1-Lite features a quad-band GPS chipset and built-in overvoltage protection, it’s compatible with all voltage systems starting from 9v to 30v DC. GPS trackers track a bike’s location and send alerts if it leaves a pre-designated area, and offer additional features like mileage analytics and crash alerts.

The GPS tracker features: Auto Load Technology, Geofencing, Power saving, Deep sleep, Ignition detection, Fast Fix GPS, Status LEDs, Smart data acquisition mode, Built-in accelerometer, Bluetooth sensor support, Crash detection, Jamming detection and Idling detection.