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Germany Becomes Second U.S. Ally to Receive M-Code MGUE

BAE Systems, Inc. received the first contract from the Space and Missile Systems Center’s Space Production Corps to deliver M-Code Military GPS User Equipment (MGUE) to Germany.

Under a Foreign Military Sales contract, BAE Systems will deliver advanced M-Code GPS technology to Germany, enabling precise, resilient, and secure geolocation and positioning capabilities that improve the effectiveness of allied operations.

The German FMS order focuses on BAE Systems’ Miniature PLGR Engine – M-Code (MPETM-M), a small, high-performance M-Code GPS receiver for ground applications. MPE-M delivers precise positioning, navigation, and timing capabilities; anti-jamming and anti-spoofing capabilities; a modern security architecture; and a size suitable for space-constrained applications.

BAE Systems will provide the first MPE-M receivers to Germany for integration, test, and evaluation in 2021.

An earlier M-code delivery to an ally took place in February, to Canada. Canada took possession of an unspecified number of Military Code-capable GPS receiver cards for the purposes of laboratory and field testing.

M-Code upgrades GPS signals accessible to those authorized to provide more resilient positioning, navigation and timing solutions with enhanced security, anti-jam, and anti-spoof capabilities. SMC provides MGUE to U.S. allies to enable vital capabilities to the warfighter and users around the world.