Free Training Event on GNSS Systems and Technology for UK industry and SMEs

A two-day training course in GNSS from fundamentals to advanced topics is planned for March 21-22 for United Kingdom industry and SMEs.

Topics will include: satellites and signals, ground control segments, user segments and applications and an update on current GNSS systems, GNSS error sources and vulnerability, tracking errors, multipath, differential positioning, spatial and temporal correlation of error and augmentation systems.

This event is only open to UK industry and SMEs operating in the UK.

The training is ideal for newcomers to the technology or for people who would like to refresh/update their knowledge. Particularly suitable for professionals operating in the positioning and navigation sector, systems engineers, electronic engineers, software design engineers, surveyors and aerospace engineers. Organizers note that there will be a maximum of two places available per company.

For a draft agenda visit:

This training event is being hosted by the Nottingham Geospatial Institute/GRACE (Geospatial Research Applications Centre of Excellence) in partnership with Collins Aerospace and UKspace.

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