Fall 2017 GPS / GNSS Courses - Inside GNSS - Global Navigation Satellite Systems Engineering, Policy, and Design

Fall 2017 GPS / GNSS Courses

NavtechGPS has been a leader in GPS/GNSS education and training since 1984, and their GPS courses are taught by some of the top technical professionals in the industry. All courses can be taught on-site at students’ locations — select a specific class or a combination of classes to be tailored to your needs. Additionally, NavtechGPS offers their most requested courses at different public venues during the year, including the following courses in the Washington, DC area in early December.

Course 557: Inertial Systems, Kalman Filtering, and GPS/INS Integration. Instructors: Dr. Alan Pue and Mr. Michael Vaujin. Immerse yourself in the fundamentals and practical implementations that fuse GPS receiver measurements with strapdown inertial navigation. Now, 5 full days (Dec. 4-8).

Course 346: GPS/GNSS Operations for Engineers and Technical Professionals. Instructor: Dr. Chris Hegarty. A comprehensive introduction to GPS/GNSS system concepts, design and operation, plus an introduction to DGPS and Kalman filtering (4 days) Dec. 5-8.

Course 122: GNSS Fundamentals and Enhancements. Instructor:
Dr. Chris Hegarty. Take the first two days of 346 for a basic
introduction to GPS/GNSS systems and operation (Dec. 5-6).

For more information on courses, call 703-256-8900 or 800-628-0885, or visit the website.