EndRun’s Meridian II Precision TimeBase Combines GPS, 5071A Cesium and Ionospheric Corrections for Optimal Time and Frequency Standard

Precision time and frequency solutions provider EndRun Technologies recently announced the release of a new Cesium Control Module for the Meridian II Precision TimeBase designed to combine the extraordinary benefits of GPS, 5071A Cesium Primary Frequency Standard, and Ionospheric Corrections.  The unique and powerful integration of these technologies provides a time and frequency standard with unparalleled accuracy, stability and holdover performance for the most demanding applications including communications and metrology, according to the company.

The new Meridian II Cesium Control Module (CCM) disciplines a 5071A cesium to the UTC(USNO) time scale combining their respective stability and accuracy advantages to form the ultimate frequency reference.  The Meridian II’s resilient GPS timing receiver and innovative Real-Time Ionospheric Corrections (RTIC) provides the ultimate UTC(USNO) timing reference.  In the event of a GPS dropout, the 5071A provides the ultimate holdover performance.

“Disciplining the 5071A Cesium, with its exceptional long-term stability, requires a GPS receiver with exceptional long-term stability as well.  The EndRun GPS receiver with Real-Time Ionospheric Corrections achieves long-term stability near the limit of the GPS system’s capability.” said Bruce Penrod, Vice President Product Development, EndRun Technologies.  “This allows steering of the 5071A with enough stiffness to keep it synchronized to UTC(USNO) without degrading its inherent stability for observation intervals less than the 5071A flicker floor.”

Key Meridian II performance specifications with the Cesium Control Module include:

  • Time accuracy: <10 nanoseconds RMS to UTC(USNO)
  • Frequency Accuracy: 1×10-14 (1,000,000 seconds)
  • Frequency Stability: 1×10-14 (1,000,000 seconds)
  • Holdover: <1×10-13 under all environmental variations
  • Ageing rate: 0

The Cesium Control Module is available now for new and existing Meridian II customers.  For more information go to www.endruntechnologies.com.