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Cell-Guide Host-Based GPS

CellGuide Ltd. has launched the ACLYS GPS chip and host-based software. Designed to exploit the processors and other wireless components on mobile devices, ACLYS reportedly provides -160 dBm sensitivity and employs unique and proprietary navigation algorithms for accurate navigation even in demanding urban environments. Power management features reduce power consumption to less than 10mW in tracking mode, according to the company. ACLYS also operates with CellGuide’s long-term ephemeris technology to enable fast startups even when no cellular network is available.

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By Glen Gibbons
August 29, 2007

Navman Jupiter 32 GPS Chip

Navman offers the Jupiter 32, an autonomous 20-channel GPS module capable of delivering tracking capabilities reportedly better than –159 decibels per milliwatt. The unit, an update of the company’s Jupiter 30, combines a SiRF GSC3 GPS chipset with a radio-frequency frontend optimized with proprietary filtering, multipath mitigation, jammer elimination, and dynamic search control for severe environments. It measures 15.0 × 17.0 × 2.7 millimeters, weighs 2.0 grams, and achieves horizontal position accuracies of 2.2 meters (circular error probable).

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