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January 22, 2020

Time Is Relative, Position Absolute

I strode into the plenary session of the ION International Technical Meeting, primed and ready for a barrage of modernity, of out-in-front advances in precision positioning, navigation and timing. The first thing I saw was a 7-foot tall cesium beam tube, an early atomic clock from the 1950s.

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By Alan Cameron
October 22, 2019

Tech Search Emphasizes Smaller, Better IMUs, Timing Technology

IGM 20191021 Assured PNT MoGIS
C5ISR Center computer scientist Zach Kjellberg conducts testing on a position, navigation and testing system at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md., on June 13, 2019.  Photo by Dan Lafontaine, C5ISR Center Public Affairs

The U.S. Army is reaching out to industry for the advanced inertial measurement unit (IMU) and timing technology it needs to support warfighters when GPS is unavailable or compromised.

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By Dee Ann Divis
August 1, 2019

Microchip’s Carrier-Grade Time, Synchronization Portfolio Expansion Improves Network Deployment, Reliability and Scalability

One of the biggest 5G network deployment challenges is synchronizing higher volumes of more densely packed base stations. Another is keeping services operating through GNSS lapses due to vulnerabilities such as jamming, spoofing or loss of signal. Microchip Technology Inc., via its Microsemi subsidiary, is solving these and other challenges for networks with additions to its Precision Time Protocol (PTP) PackeTime® portfolio including the TimeProvider 4100 Release 2.0. The TimeProvider release adds 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GE) support, a Boundary Clock operation mode that lowers operational costs, and other enhancements to improve how timing flows are distributed from multiple sources to a network’s base stations and other endpoints.

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By Inside GNSS
March 25, 2019

EndRun’s Frequency and Time Distribution Chassis Now Available with Upgraded Network Centric Management

Precision time and frequency solutions provider EndRun Technologies has launched its next generation, e-Series Distribution Chassis that adds a secure, integrated network management interface. The e-Series Distribution Chassis is said to maintain the industry leading frequency, pulse, and time code distribution functionality that provides high integrity signals to mission critical systems including communications, satellite earth stations, broadcast transmitters, military test ranges, production test, and others.

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By Inside GNSS
March 19, 2019

EndRun Launches Metrology Grade Time and Frequency Standard

EndRun Technologies, a provider of precision time and frequency solutions, has announced the availability of the Meridian II 2U Precision TimeBase, a metrology grade time and frequency standard traceable to UTC(USNO). This addition to the Meridian II product family introduces an Ultra-Stable Rubidium oscillator option, increased output capacity, and modular power supplies for high-availability, mission critical, and high-performance applications.

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By Inside GNSS