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October 29, 2023

All Jammed Up, DOT Urgently Seeks Complementary PNT

For years, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has been exploring the technologies and systems necessary to provide positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) services to complement the Global Positioning System (GPS) so that these critical services remain available even when GPS signals are disrupted. In the past few months, the department has ramped up these Complementary PNT (CPNT) efforts, from its issuance of a CPNT Action Plan in September to a related Request for Information (RFI) seeking industry input on CPNT technologies. What are these efforts, how are they going and why the sense of urgency now?

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By Dawn M.K. Zoldi (Colonel, USAF, Ret.)
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September 11, 2023

Brussels View: Bringing New A-PNT Opportunities to Life

The recent spotlighting of alternative positioning, navigation and timing technologies by weighty bodies such as the European Commission and the European Space Agency is causing more than a stir among the concerned communities, with both public and private interests now readying themselves to move beyond conventional GNSS for critical applications.

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By Peter Gutierrez
September 10, 2023

Pinpointing GNSS Interference from Low Earth Orbit

In the past decade, there has been a sharp increase in GNSS outages due to deliberate GNSS jamming. Receivers in LEO are uniquely situated to detect, classify and geolocate terrestrial GNSS jammers. This article explores two-step and direct geolocation of terrestrial GNSS jammers from LEO. 

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By Inside GNSS
August 28, 2023

Rivian Sensor Leader Discusses Importance of Better Localization Sensors for Level 3

The latest safety award for Rivian is an Insurance Institute for Highway Safety for the R1S as a Top Safety Pick+ for 2023. It accomplishes this and other safety advances with its Driver+ ADAS (advanced driving assistance system), which integrates a set of sensors along with driver attention, GNSS, and IMU modules. At AutoSens Detroit 2023, Abdullah Zaidi, Engineering Lead and Senior Manager at Rivian, presented his take on the state and near future of ADAS sensors including the benefits of adding lidar and the importance of better localization sensors for Level 3 systems.

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By Kevin Jost
August 2, 2023

Anello Reveals GNSS INS System with ‘World-first’ Optical Gyro

Santa Clara, CA-based startup Anello Photonics has announced a GNSS INS module that it says is the world’s smallest optical gyro inertial navigation system for GPS-denied navigation and localization. It is powered by the company’s optical gyroscope technology and AI-based sensor fusion engine, the combination engineered to deliver high-accuracy positioning and orientation for applications in the agriculture, construction, robotics, and autonomous vehicle space.

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By Kevin Jost
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