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ADVA Launches High-Performance Optical Cesium Atomic Clock for PNT Assurance in Critical Infrastructure

The coreSync™ OSA 3300-HP optical cesium atomic clock from ADVA was developed to provide the resilience and accuracy needed for PNT assurance in critical infrastructure.

This latest innovation comes two years after the company introduced OSA 3350 ePRC+, an optical pumping timing solution, according to a news release. The OSA 3300-HP has a 10-year life span, offers differentiated SLA timing with integrated GNSS backup, and features Ethernet- and IP-based management. It also has a user-friendly touchscreen GUI.

Atomic clocks offer synchronization backup for networks that rely on GNSS-based timing. The OSA 3300 features an all-digital design and leverages optical-pumping techniques using laser diodes. This makes it possible to measure 100 times the number of atoms for enhanced efficiency.

With the solution, service providers can offer GNSS/GPS- backup-as-a-service (GBaaS) with enhanced precision and availability. OSA 3300-HP can be used for a variety of applications with stringent timing demands, including metrology, 5G, utilities, transportation, defense, data centers and cable networks.

“After many years of extensive work in our Swiss laboratories supported by the European Space Agency, we now have a mature, state-of-the-art technology that enables a major leap in the accuracy and stability of network timing while providing a substantially longer lifetime,” said Gil Biran, GM of Oscilloquartz, ADVA, according to the release. ”From 5G mobile services to mission-critical defense applications, our OSA 3300-HP will be a truly disruptive enhancement of our aPNT+™ technology. And what makes its arrival so significant is that it comes at a moment when existing synchronization solutions in fixed, wireless and cable networks are being stretched to the limit, while the threat of GNSS cyberattacks also continues to grow.”

He continued: “Across a wide range of industries, our high-performance cesium atomic clock will meet new timing demands, create new value and open up new possibilities for PNT assurance in critical infrastructure.”

ADVA also announced a dual-purpose enhancement of its OSA 3350 ePRC+. Along with providing phase holdover as part of ePRTC systems, it can be used as a free-running frequency source with enhanced standard performance.