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ADVA GNSS Assurance Software Now Integrates Into Third Party Receivers to Protect Against Cyberattacks

ADVA’s Ensemble Sync Director GNSS assurance software can now integrate into any unmonitored third party receiver, helping to protect against jamming and spoofing cyberattacks—a growing problem for critical infrastructure and network operators.

Part of ADVA’s aPNT+™ technology, Ensemble Sync Director is now vendor-agnostic, according to a news release. The software provides defense-in-depth, resilient and assured PNT, transparently showing and analyzing GNSS observables from third-party receivers. It can be used in large deployments, giving users the ability to remotely detect issues with GNSS receivers so they can maintain the needed timing performance and avoid disruptions.

ADVA’s Oscilloquartz GNSS assurance solution for integrating third-party receiver data is an extension of its Sync Director application, part of the Ensemble Controller network management platform. It offers centralized in-service monitoring and analysis of GNSS status and reliability as well as AI/ML-based prediction to prevent obstruction, jamming and spoofing. Using topology and timing chain mapping, Ensemble Sync Director displays the entire timing network infrastructure in a graphical format. ADVA’s GNSS assurance capabilities are aligned with the goals of the DHS Resilient PNT Conformance Framework and future IEEE P1952 Resilient PNT Standard to protect critical infrastructure.

“The number of GNSS devices in use is growing by the day, with many networks now relying on hundreds or even thousands of receivers,” said Gil Biran, GM of Oscilloquartz, ADVA, according to the release. “At the same time, the risks to satellite-based timing have never been greater, including the rising threat of jamming and spoofing attacks. By extending our GNSS assurance application capabilities beyond our own timing equipment, we’re empowering many more customers to protect their mission-critical synchronization in new or deployed infrastructure.”