OEM Portfolio of AsteRx-m3 Base and Rover Boards for High Precision, Low C-SWaP - Inside GNSS - Global Navigation Satellite Systems Engineering, Policy, and Design

OEM Portfolio of AsteRx-m3 Base and Rover Boards for High Precision, Low C-SWaP

Septentrio has expanded its GPS/GNSS OEM portfolio its latest high-precision GNSS receiver, the AsteRx-m3 in both base and rover formats. The new AsteRx-m3 family features GPS/GNSS OEM boards optimized for power consumption and ease of integration, with advanced anti-jamming algorithms.

AsteRx-m3 receivers target various use cases and offer flexibilit, affordability abd longer operation times. The easy-to-integrate design ensures short set-up times and fast time-to-market. Key application markets include logistics and port operations; construction; large robotics; precision agriculture, mining and rail.

All AsteRx-m3 products deliver centimeter-level accuracy, availability and reliability in a credit-card sized board. The new product family includes 3 types of GNSS OEM boards. GNSS heading is available directly from initialization, removing reliance on vehicle dynamics or magnetic sensors

• AsteRx-m3 Pro is the rover receiver, tracking signals from all available GNSS constellations on 3 frequencies. Simple and powerful, it operates both in single and dual antenna modes. Advanced Interference Mitigation and Monitoring Technology offers built-in protection against intentional and unintentional jamming and spoofing using a sophisticated system of sampling and mitigation mechanisms. In robotic devices neighboring electronics can produce RF radiation which interferes with GNSS signals. AIM+ offers protection against such interference resulting in faster set-up time and robust continuous operation. Receiver control and analysis software RxTools allows receiver configuration, monitoring as well as data logging and analysis.

• The AsteRx-m3 ProBase is designed to operate as a reference station for RTK and PPP-RTK networks. It can be used as a base station or for network densification. AsteRx-m3 ProBase offers full control to enable or to disable data processing functionality such as smoothing or multipath mitigation. Its quality indicators can be viewed remotely for efficient station health monitoring. It comes with fully documented interfaces, commands and data messages. Key target markets include reference network stations, survey and GIS, and scientific applications.

• The AsteRx-m3 Pro+ is a full-feature OEM receiver board flexible enough to fit into any application and to be used either as a rover or a base station in a single or a dual antenna mode. It features a hiogh-quality CPU with a 100Hz data update rate.

Other features of the product family include:

• LOCK+ automatically adjusts the parameters of the AsteRx-m3 Pro receiver so position is not lost due to mechanical vibrations or shocks that can wreak havoc with satellite tracking.

• IONO+: advanced protection against ionospheric disturbances to GNSS signals.

• APME+ system to disentangle direct and reflected signals, enhancing both position and measurement quality in environments with metal and other large nearby structures that can reflect GNSS signals and produce multipath.