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Inside GNSS magazine • Volume 13 Number 1

January/February 2018

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Cover Story

How Effective Are Signal Quality Monitoring Techniques

for GNSS Multipath Detections?

An analytical discussion on the sensitivity and effectiveness of signal quality monitoring (SQM) techniques for multipath detection and mitigation, including narrow and high resolution tracking strategies under BPSK(1) and BOC(1,1) modulations as the base signaling schemes used for GPS and Galileo.

Technical Article

Spectral Transparent Adhesive

A Solution to the Next Generation Satellite Navigation Signals

From the reality of GNSS design one can find that the growing expanded applications of GNSS and the refined services prompt the new generation systems to broadcast more signals with more complicated structure. In this article the authors take a close look at how we can enable future development by implementing excellent signal designs with higher adaptability and flexibility.


GSA's GNSS Opinion Leaders

Michael Ritter: NovAtel, Hexagon and the best of Multi-GNSS

Michael Ritter discusses multi-constellation GNSS and the importance of being a staunch advocate of Galileo.

Columns & Editorials
Washington View

Congressional Mandate Means More Work on New Military GPS Receivers

GNSS Solutions

What is navigation message authentication?

Proposals for Navigation Message Authentication (NMA) for both GPS and Galileo are becoming more common. This article describes NMA and its potential impact on future receivers and GNSS users.

GNSS & the Law

RNSS and the ITU Radio Regulations

Radionavigation Satellite Service (RNSS) is integrated deeply in our daily life and is playing a growing role within all areas of today’s mobile society.

Working Papers

A Demonstration of the Galileo E5b Signal

with Real-Time PPP Information Broadcast via the SES Astra 5B GEO Satellite

This study assesses the opportunity for an L5 SoL service existing together with a non-SoL service on the E5 repeaters of SES GEO satellites, by using two different Navigation Land Earth Stations: the first is used to generate the L1-L5 SoL signals, and the second independently generates the E5b signal.

GNSS Hotspots

GNSS Hotspots

The last remaining peatlands, the great American eclipse and cattle-herding drones.

360 Degrees
Jammer Dectector
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