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UAV Navigation to Test Galileo Signals Validation Program

MADRID—The Spanish company UAV Navigation announced Nov. 14 it will participate in the OSNMAplus consortium, led by Italys’ Qascom, intended to authenticate signals from Galileo, the European satellite navigation system.

With the OSNMAplus project, we’re providing technological solutions that will facilitate the adoption of OSNMA in new and existing navigation systems,” Carlo Sarto, the OSNMAplus project manager, said in a release from UAV Navigation. “We’re also providing cloud-based services and multi-platform SDK [software developer kits] that can be used in consumer devices to improve the OSNMA experience and increase the robustness of the navigation solution.”

UAV Navigation said it will carry out air demonstrations to help validate and demonstrate the OSNMAplus receiver.

“The OSNMAplus technologies will be subject to an extensive test campaign,” Sarto said. “The OSNMA-based navigation will be tested in a flying drone to assess effective resilience against potential malicious GNSS interference.”

An artist’s conception of a Galileo satellite in orbit. Credit: European Space Agency