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Thales Inertial Navigation Unit Boards French Navy Vessel for Cybersecure, Real-time Navigation

Thales and CS GROUP have combined to offer a high-performance, resilient and cybersecure navigation system comprising Thales’s TopAxyz inertial navigation unit, which has clocked over 20 million hours of operation in civil aviation, and CS GROUP’s real-time computer. The TopAxyz IMU comprises three ringlaser gyroscopes and three accelerometers in a compact unit. The naval version of the inertial unit was integrated on a French Navy vessel in less than a day by CS GROUP and has proven its operational value for maritime navigation.

In today’s constantly changing naval environment, crews need to contend with the threat of cyberattacks, electronic warfare activity and the high risk of jamming and spoofing of GPS-based radionavigation solutions. Accurate navigation data, real-time data distribution and resistance to external threats are crucial for every mission conducted by a naval vessel today.

The TopAxyz inertial unit uses accurate, reliable navigation information that is independent of sea state and vessel location, combined with a function that detects attempts to spoof GPS signals. The navigation data calculated by TopAxyz is distributed in real time by the NDDS (Navigation Data Distribution System) developed by CS GROUP’s onboard computer. This computer uses the latest technological advances in cybersecurity, guaranteeing the best level of resilience to attacks. Its architecture offers 3 key advantages: safer navigation, reduced costs and integration risks, ease of use and simplified maintenance of the system.

The system provides high-precision pointing, gyrocompass, location and navigation functionality for all types of naval platforms, from surface combatants and submarines to autonomous vehicles.

“After proving their value on board aircraft, space launchers and French Army land vehicles, Thales inertial navigation systems are now available for naval platforms,” said Tristan Grivel, Vice President Business Development and Sales for Thales’s flight avionics business.