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Swift Navigation’s Precise Positioning Technology Improves Accuracy of Single-Frequency GNSS Receivers

Swift Navigation announced that its precise positioning platform can improve the performance of existing single-frequency GNSS positioning, found on most production vehicles today, from the standard average of 3 meters to lane-level accuracy without changing existing hardware and antenna.

These findings are demonstrated during the regular test drives the Swift team conducts to confirm the efficacy of its solutions and software updates. The graph depicts the improved positioning accuracy and availability when a single-frequency receiver is used with corrections from the Skylark precise positioning service and the Starling positioning engine. A performance improvement from 2 meters to 0.7 meters for 95% of this mixed-environment drive was achieved on a production vehicle with a low-cost automotive receiver and antenna. This improvement in performance can enable lane-level precision on existing single-frequency hardware.

Skylark, Swift’s wide area, cloud-based GNSS corrections service delivers real-time, high-precision positioning, is hardware-independent and is accurate and seamless when integrated with Starling as a complete solution. The Starling positioning engine works with a variety of automotive-grade GNSS chipsets and inertial sensors making it ideal for autonomous, ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), V2X (vehicle-to-everything) and navigation applications. Starling is platform-independent and enhances the measurements for commercially available GNSS receivers. The implementation of this solution can be as easy as a software upgrade—leaving the antenna and receiver hardware typically unchanged.

“The ability to provide higher accuracy to programs without requiring hardware changes can be a game changer for cost-sensitive programs and brings immediate visible benefit to navigation systems, V2X and many other applications,” said Joel Gibson, Executive Vice President of Automotive.