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Spirent Federal Launches New Flex Power Capability

Spirent Federal announces a new positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) test capability commonly referred to as programmable power—or flex power—available at no additional cost to qualified customers under support.  The new capability allows the user to easily apply flex power configurations to existing scenarios.

Flex power is the reallocation of transmit power among individual signals in GPS satellites, providing a countermeasure against GPS jamming. Spirent simulators fully support programmable power for M-code, Y-code, and C/A (coarse acquisition) code.

“From the time that we ascertained the need for flex power simulation, to the delivery of a completed easy-to-use utility was a very short time,” said Ellen Hall, President/CEO of Spirent Federal. “It is this kind of responsiveness that we strive for here at Spirent Federal, so we can pass along the benefits to our customers.”

Flex power is available on the Spirent GSS9000 GPS / GNSS constellation simulator. For more information on flex power and other test solutions, contact Spirent Federal.