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SDX 18.10 Now Available From Skydel

Skydel Solutions’ SDX 18.10, a new version of the company’s GNSS simulator that features improvements to receiver antenna management and a new advanced jammer type, is now available.

Starting with this SDX update is an upgraded paradigm for managing receiver antennas: SDX now supports the management of multiple vehicle antennas within a single scenario. Antennas can now be defined, named, and exported as antenna files that can be re-imported back into other scenarios. This handy feature will speed up antenna reuse and multi-scenario workflows for users managing numerous antenna models in GNSS simulation scenarios.

The new antenna model UI maintains the previous SDX paradigm whereby antenna patterns can be defined for gain and phase offsets.

Moreover, SDX now provides a simple and powerful sequencer for switching from one antenna pattern to another at specific times during a scenario. The antenna sequencer is said to be simple to use and will be useful for those who need to toggle antennas at various points in the simulation to replicate a real-world scenario.

As with all new features added by Skydel, the SDX API is updated—and documented—to reflect these latest changes, and these new features can be used in the programming of your automated scenarios.

IQ File as a Jammer Type
In addition, with release 18.10, users can now add IQ File playback as a jammer type in SDX. This feature, combined with the IQ File generation capability already available in SDX, opens a new range of possibilities.Users who already have the advanced jamming option installed and are eligible for this SDX upgrade can benefit from this new feature immediately by upgrading to SDX release 18.10.

Just One of Many Releases
So far in 2018, SDX has seen the support of anechoic chambers, the support for multiple GPUs, the addition of SBAS support among many other new features in the summer release, and now SDX release 18.10 that brings a new way to manage and sequence vehicle antennas.

According to Skydel, more announcements are just around the corner. New custom simulation solutions based on SDX are coming soon, along with new features and GNSS constellation support.