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Qualcomm Location Suite Upgrades Support for Emergency Services

To comply with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) E-911 regulations, Qualcomm Technologies has enhanced the capabilities of the Qualcomm Location Suite to provide improved horizontal and vertical positioning information. The upgrade will help first responders to better determine the floor within a multi-story building from which an emergency call was placed.

Qualcomm Location Suite
Qualcomm Location Suite

The Qualcomm Location Suite, deeply integrated with the company’s Snapdragon Mobile Platforms and Snapdragon Modem-RF Systems, uses GNSS with cellular network-based positioning and dead reckoning to deliver location. Qualcomm Technologies has more than 10 billion devices shipped to date using their positioning solutions. The Qualcomm Location Suite combines location and navigation with a highly integrated solution, including device chipset, software, cloud services, and support for operators.