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NovAtel Now Delivering Enhanced Signal Acquisition, Time and Accuracy

NovAtel, part of Hexagon’s Positioning Intelligence division, now brings users greatly improved processing speed and accuracy as well as significantly reduced signal acquisition time through the latest 7.07.03 firmware release.

The firmware is said to work best with the recently launched TerraStar-X™  correction service, which is designed to deliver industry-leading accuracy and reliability, as well as the OEM7®, SPAN® CPT7™ and PwrPak7® products, which utilize signals from all constellations and frequencies to provide users with reliable autonomy and exceptional positioning availability.

The 7.07.03 firmware offers a significant improvement to the best-in-class SPAN GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) + INS (Inertial Navigation System) technology. SPAN with 7.07.03 shows improvements of up to 20% in the horizontal position over the entire SPAN IMU catalog and across various industry use cases including agriculture and marine, according to NovAtel. SPAN with 7.07.03 also brings improved motion detection resulting in more robust time to convergence.

“The 7.07.03 firmware features improvements to both our SPAN Marine and SPAN Rail profiles that will greatly impact application performance and consistency,” noted NovAtel Director of Product Management Neil Gerein, “The SPAN Marine Profile sees improvements to the heave performance and will allow users to start their work significantly faster thanks to a simplified setup for applications in marine dynamics. The SPAN Rail Profile improves position accuracy over long GNSS outages, which is crucial for applications in rail environments that often deal with potential signal obstructions such as trees, tunnels and dense urban areas.”

To download the 7.07.03 firmware update for your platform, please click here.