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New Wave of GNSS-Driven Edge and Access Clocks for 5G Network Timing

ADVA launched a set network synchronization devices with enhanced capabilities for next-generation applications such as 5G. The latest Oscilloquartz products provide timing accuracy and resilience to edge networks. The OSA 5412 and 5422 offer precise phase, frequency and time-of-day synchronization and can be used for time-as-a-service applications.

Communication service providers, enterprises, broadcast networks and power utilities can deploy synchronization technology at the edge that features multi-band GNSS receivers for nanosecond accuracy. The OSA 5412 and 5422 utilize in-service sync probing and assurance as well as innovative GNSS assurance capabilities. The products also provide support for eight field-upgradeable 10Gbit/s ports, ensuring scale and efficiency for next-generation smart grids, industrial IoT applications and 5G connectivity.

The OSA 5412 is a highly flexible access network synchronization solution that offers compact and cost-effective timing distribution and assurance.

The OSA 5422 is engineered for the most extreme conditions. It meets stringent frequency and phase synchronization requirements, delivers top holdover performance, and supports multiple legacy interfaces such BITS and IRIG.

Both products address new ITU-T specifications, including for class A and B PRTCs, ePRTCs with strict holdover requirements, and the newly improved class C and D boundary clocks. They also feature onboard multi-band, multi-constellation GNSS receivers that cost-efficiently overcome ionospheric delay variation.

“Operators can harness the power of multi-band GNSS receivers to deliver highly accurate, UTC-traceable timing at the network edge. That enables the availability and precision that will be essential for tomorrow’s services,” said Nir Laufer, senior director, product line management, Oscilloquartz, ADVA.

“Access grandmaster clocks need to meet stricter demands for accuracy and reliability than ever before, and many industries have their own specific set of stringent timing requirements. That’s why we’ve evolved our portfolio of edge and access network synchronization solutions for the specific challenges of the 5G era,” commented Gil Biran, general manager, Oscilloquartz, ADVA. “Operators of broadcast, healthcare, financial networks and more now have a straightforward and affordable path from legacy to next-generation timing.”