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May 12, 2019

CHC Navigation’s P2 GNSS Sensor Series Designed for Demanding Positioning, Heading Applications

CHC Navigation recently announced the release of the P2 GNSS Sensor Series providing high accuracy positioning and heading solution in a compact and rugged enclosure. The P2 GNSS Sensor series is a GNSS sensor suited for a wide variety of applications such as reference station, marine systems, unmanned navigation, industrial automation, robotics and machine control.

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April 25, 2019

Gladiator Technologies Upgrades Inertial Product Line with VELOX™ High Speed Processing

High Speed Outputs Expand MEMS Options for Inertial Measurement Units, INS/GPS and Gyroscopes.


APRIL 25, 2019


With output speeds reaching 10 kHz and message timing as low as 185μsec, Gladiator Technologies’ MEMS IMUs withVELOX™ Processing are the clear choice for inertial engineers requiring high performance at an affordable price.


VELOX™ Processing technology employs advanced rapid sampling and signal processing techniques to output data at high speed with minimal phase lag. VELOX™ enables system designers to replace legacy analog Inertial Systems and Rate Sensors with affordable, high speed digital inertial systems and sensors.


“VELOX™ Processing encompasses our unique high speed, low latency technology and creates technical advantages for system designers, especially those focused on stabilization,” commented Eric Yates, Business Development Manager at Gladiator Technologies.


All Gladiator Technologies SX Series digital IMUs, Gyroscopes and INS/GPS products incorporate VELOX™ Processing with a range of high-speed outputs depending on the model selected. Because high output speeds require external sync inputs for system coordination, the SX Series product design includes dedicated external sync connector pins and product firmware which allows customers to select the output speed and baud rate best suited to the application.
  • Data Outputs up to 10 kHz
  • Message Timing as low as 185µsec
  • Minimal Phase Lag
  • Up to 6 Mbaud 
  • Up to 350 Hz Bandwidth
“Customer interest in high speed output and near analog response encouraged us to consider non-traditional processing methods,” stated Lee Dunbar, Gladiator Technologies’ Chief Software Architect and holder of 11 patents. “The result of this effort is VELOX™ Processing for applications requiring real-time, high resolution inertial data.”
Gladiator Technologies will be exhibiting at AUVSI Xponential in Chicago, April 29-May 2 and Sea-Air-Space in National Harbor May 6-8.  IMU, INS/GPS, and sensor product details are available on the Gladiator Technologies website, Sales and technical inquiries may be made through the contact page on the website or through one of the international support representatives also listed on the site at
GLADIATOR TECHNOLOGIES designs, manufactures and supports low-noise, high- performance, MEMS-based inertial measurement systems and sensors for aerial, land and marine applications. Design and manufacturing is performed on site and is certified to AS9100D.
By Danielle Parsons
April 16, 2019

Emlid Releases Multi-Band RTK GNSS Receiver with Centimeter Precision

Designed for surveying, mapping and navigation, the new REACH RS2 RTK GNSS receiver from Emlid comes with a mobile app.

Reach RS2 gets a fixed solution in just seconds and maintains robust performance even in challenging conditions, according to the manufacturer. Centimeter accuracy can be achieved on distances over 60 kilometers in RTK, and 100 kilometers in PPK mode.

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March 25, 2019

EndRun’s Frequency and Time Distribution Chassis Now Available with Upgraded Network Centric Management

Precision time and frequency solutions provider EndRun Technologies has launched its next generation, e-Series Distribution Chassis that adds a secure, integrated network management interface. The e-Series Distribution Chassis is said to maintain the industry leading frequency, pulse, and time code distribution functionality that provides high integrity signals to mission critical systems including communications, satellite earth stations, broadcast transmitters, military test ranges, production test, and others.

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March 19, 2019

Israel Aerospace Industries Unveils ADA-O to Enable Land Platforms to Deal With GNSS Anti-Jammers

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is introducing ADA-O, an additional development in the ADA lineup, which addresses GPS jammers to ensure GPS availability for land platforms. The land platform can be readily integrated in a range of platforms, providing a unique operational response to help telecom, navigation and C&C systems. Easily installed and integrated on the end-user platform, it serves end users on armored vehicles, artillery, C&C centers and communication carriers, according to IAI.

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EndRun Launches Metrology Grade Time and Frequency Standard

EndRun Technologies, a provider of precision time and frequency solutions, has announced the availability of the Meridian II 2U Precision TimeBase, a metrology grade time and frequency standard traceable to UTC(USNO). This addition to the Meridian II product family introduces an Ultra-Stable Rubidium oscillator option, increased output capacity, and modular power supplies for high-availability, mission critical, and high-performance applications.

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February 25, 2019

Rohde & Schwarz, Bluetest Collaborate on Test Concepts for A-GNSS OTA Antenna Measurements

Test and measurement specialist Rohde & Schwarz and Swedish over-the-air (OTA) reverberation test system manufacturer Bluetest are cooperating on assisted global navigation satellite system (A-GNSS) OTA testing concepts for antenna measurements. The proof of concept solution integrating the Rohde & Schwarz LBS Server and Bluetest OTA test solution was demonstrated at Rohde & Schwarz headquarters in Munich, Germany.

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