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March 27, 2020

GSA Posts List of Covid 19-Fighting GNSS Apps

The European GNSS Agency (GSA) has posted a list of location-GNSS-Galileo based applications that may be useful tools against diffusion of COVID-19.

The applications cover a range of uses from supporting public authorities to assisting citizens in their everyday life under social distancing, closures and quarantines.

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By Inside GNSS

Carlo des Dorides Departs from Longtime Post as GSA Executive Director

“Galileo is a true European success story,
and I am proud if in a small way I have contributed to building Europe with it.”

European Union space mainstay Carlo des Dorides, Executive Director of the European GNSS Agency (GSA) since 2011, retired from this post at the end of January.  He was scheduled to speak at the 12th EU Space Conference in Brussels that month, but had to skip out when he was called to a special budget session of the European Parliament. It would have been his last appearance in a public forum as GSA chief. Inside GNSS met with him in Brussels to talk and to say farewell.

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By Peter Gutierrez
March 26, 2020

2SOPS Takes Charge of GPS III 01; Watch Space Ballet

The Second Space Operations Squadron (2SOPS) at Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado officially took control of the second GPS III satellite in orbit on March 23. GPS III SV02 was designed and built by Lockheed Martin, with a payload provided by L3Harris.

A video rendering of a GPS III satellite gives a slightly vertigo-inducing experience of a ballet through space and above the Earth.

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By Inside GNSS
March 24, 2020

CRPAs Protect Critical Infrastructure: How to Test

Since 2015, controlled reception pattern antennas (CRPAs) have come onto the market for civil applications where the need to counter increasing  GNSS signal jamming and spoofing has grown exponentially. Highly classified and previously available only to authorized military users, these powerful — and unfamiliar — components expand protection for critical infrastructure. All systems incorporating them should be tested for revamped vulnerabilities. This is how.

A free webinar on Wednesday, March 25 from 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM Eastern Daylight Savings Time addresses the topic “GNSS Vulnerability Testing and the Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna (CRPA).”

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By Inside GNSS
March 23, 2020

Beijing Is $14.4 Billion-Bound Riding on BeiDou’s Back

Beijing’s municipal government released a three-year plan to promote the innovation and development of industries related to the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System. The total output of BeiDou navigation and location service industry in the Beijing region will exceed 100 billion yuan ($14.4 billion U.S. dollars) by 2022, according to the plan document.

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By Inside GNSS
March 20, 2020

When Truth Matters. Absolutely.

One may well ask, when doesn’t it?

That aside, some controversy has arisen in the world of competitive running, and self-competitive running as in Personal Bests, or PBs. Runners find their fitness trackers and watches don’t necessarily tell them the truth in terms of distance travelled. In fact, they very rarely tell the absolute truth. Which matters.

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By Alan Cameron
February 25, 2020

Android Developers Enticed by Half-Meter Accuracy from Smartphone

A new GNSS-centric application programming interface (API) library for Android and IoT developers is on the verge of appearing, and is now accepting registrations for its software development kit. The Fulfilling Enhanced Location Accuracy in the Mass Market through Initial Galileo Services (FLAMINGO) reportedly achieves half-meter accuracy in a smartphone.

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By Inside GNSS
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