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October 1, 2021

New GNSS Receiver Evaluation Software Released

u-blox announced a new GNSS evaluation software, u-center 2, running on Microsoft Windows and offering anyone working with tenth-generation u-blox GNSS technology a highly intuitive interface to configure GNSS products, evaluate their performance, improve the quality of their software,

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By Inside GNSS
September 14, 2021

Washington View: Big Wheels Keep On Turning – Rolling On The River To 5G

Ligado Networks had an early-year win in the form of a Federal Communications Commission denial of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration Stay Petition involving Ligado’s license for a terrestrial service in the mobile satellite services L-band. The company continues to roll toward deployment of a nationwide 5G network. While filings trickle in from the private sector, the feds work quietly behind the scenes on Congressional due-outs. In short, wheels big and small keep churning down the river to 5G.

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By Dawn M.K. Zoldi (Colonel, USAF, Ret.)
August 6, 2021

GNSS Backup eLoran Trialed Using Grandmaster Clock

UrsaNav and ADVA have conducted an enhanced long-range navigation (eLoran) field trial using UrsaNav’s eLoran receiver and ADVA’s Oscilloquartz grandmaster clock technology. The successful demo showed that eLoran offers a robust and reliable backup for GPS and other GNSS and could be used to provide an assured position, navigation, and timing (PNT) service.

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