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BAE Systems Delivers M-Code GPS Receivers to Germany

BAE Systems recently delivered its Miniature Precision Lightweight GPS Receiver Engine – M-Code (MPE-M) to Germany, with the technology providing ground-based soldiers and vehicles with precise geolocation and positioning capabilities in complex and contested operational environments.

The receivers were delivered through the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) process and under a contract with the U.S. Space Systems Command, according to a news release. The contract was announced in June 2021.

The MPE-M is a small, high-performance GPS receiver that provides assured Position, Navigation and Timing (PNT) for applications where size, weight and power are critical factors, including handheld devices, ground vehicles and drones.

MPE-M acquires signals rapidly and is compatible with the advanced military M-Code GPS signal, which is hardened against signal jamming and spoofing and also provides cryptography for improved security. The receiver has the same form factor as its predecessor, simplifying the M-Code upgrade process for existing military GPS user equipment.

“Germany is the first country to receive M-Code GPS capabilities via FMS, leading the way among our allies,” said Greg Wild, director of Navigation and Sensor Systems at BAE Systems, according to the release. “Accelerating the delivery of M-Code capabilities to allied warfighters around the globe is critical to ensuring trusted PNT in the face of modern threats from our adversaries.”