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Advanced Navigation Releases Next-Generation Satellite Compass

Advanced Navigation has today released the second generation of their highly successful satellite compass. GNSS Compass is a plug and play solution that provides accurate position, heading and time in a self contained unit. The new system provides significantly higher heading performance, combined with a reduction in price to under USD 2K, opening up the advanced technology to cost sensitive applications previously dependent on magnetic heading.

The new system significantly improves the availability and accuracy of heading under difficult conditions, such as under bridges, when there is limited visibility of the sky and in the presence of RF interference. This is achieved through a new multi-frequency GNSS receiver, cutting edge antenna design and algorithm improvements.

The updated GNSS Compass supports L1/L2 RTK positioning and heading using all satellite constellations including GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou.

Two interface variants are available to cater to all applications. The serial variant supports plug and play operation with existing NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000 applications. The Power over Ethernet variant allows simplified power and network cabling for all new applications.

Advanced Navigation’s GNSS Compass has developed a reputation for highly reliable operation with thousands of units operating in the field for the last 6 years. Used in Nortek’s Signature VM survey package and Sabanto’s autonomous tractor, this system is ideal for applications requiring accurate heading and positioning in the most demanding conditions. The second generation delivers the same ultra high reliability, with higher performance, at a more affordable price point under USD 2K. GNSS Compass v2 is shipping now.

“We are committed to executing on our mission of being the leader for the autonomous revolution and excited to bring these next generation navigation solutions to market”, said John Colvin the Chief Revenue Officer at Advanced Navigation.

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