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May 24, 2012

GPS Receiver Specifications

An increasingly urgent call to certify performance of Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers is being heard from several sectors of the national political and business landscape. This issue has arisen now as a direct result of the LightSquared initiative that has generated so much attention over the last 18 months.

Instead of diving into those issues directly, however, a little historical perspective is in order first — and it’s amazing in itself that a technology as new as GPS in the public eye would actually have a history to reflect upon, but it does.

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By Inside GNSS
October 25, 2010

Military PNT — The Way Ahead

FIGURE 1: The three foundations of C2 and how they are “changing the game” in an electronic battlespace: spectrum (communications media), yellow; computers (digital data), green; PNT (precise position and timing), blue.

With thanks to Yogi Berra, it’s “déjà vu all over again” for the Global Positioning System, but this time with a twist.

Twenty-five years ago, the question asked by U.S. military commanders and combat personnel in the field was, “Why should I go to the trouble to use this space-based system called GPS?” Today, the question being asked is, “GPS is vital to the success of my mission; so, why are you asking me to consider using something else?”

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