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May 31, 2021

Getting to E5 With Ease: An AltBOC Double-Sideband Receiver Based on Single-Sideband Correlation

A novel method to track Galileo E5 AltBOC signal phase adjusts and then combines the correlation results of the upper sideband and lower sideband signal to form a double-sideband correlation result, which is equivalent to AltBOC wideband receiving to some extent. Thus, a Galileo E5 wideband receiver can be achieved with only minor modification to a traditional GNSS single-sideband receiver. The method can be further applied to other binary offset carrier (BOC) signals.

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By Inside GNSS
May 26, 2021

Seeing and Inertial Integrating Is Believing: Multi-Antenna Vision-and-Inertial-Aided CDGNSS for Micro Aerial Vehicle Pose Estimation

Multi-antenna carrier-phase differential GNSS (CDGNSS)-based pose (position and orientation) estimation aided by monocular visual measurements and a smartphone-grade inertial sensor form the core of a system designed for micro aerial vehicles. It can be applied generally for low-cost, lightweight, high-accuracy, geo-referenced pose estimation.

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By Inside GNSS
May 23, 2021

European Initiative for the Internet of Things

A consortium is preparing to ramp up production of Geonav IoT, a seamless indoor/outdoor positioning solution for sports applications, asset tracking and aiding drone traffic management. The GNSS module is a high-accuracy, dual-frequency system-on-chip with an integrated, low-power application processor.

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By Peter Gutierrez
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