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June 9, 2014

NavtechGPS Seminar (NEW): Inertial Systems, Kalman Filtering and GPS / INS Integration (Course 546)

This new four-day course will take place at the Bay Club Hotel and Marina in San Diego, California, December 8-11, 2014.

It will be taught by Dr. Alan Pue, Johns Hopkins University, APL and Mr. Michael Vaujin, Aerospace Consultant.

This course is for GPS/GNSS professionals who are engineers, scientists, systems analysts, program specialists and others concerned with the integration of inertial sensors and systems, those needing a working knowledge of Kalman filtering, or those who work in the fields of either navigation or target tracking.

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July 5, 2012

INS Face Off

TOP PHOTO: Antenna configurations on trials vehicle: Dual GPS antennas for the INS under test and single GPS antenna for the CIMU; BOTTOM PHOTO: Commercial IMU/DGPS system used for reference (left), FOG-based INS configuration (middle), and MEMS-based INS configuration 2 (right)

The automobile versus the horse and buggy. Cloud computing opposite desktop software. The trend is predictable, yet it is always surprising when one technology takes over the market space of another. After all, television did kill off the radio star.

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